Performance - Anne of Green Gables

Friday, Jun 1, 2018 at 7:30pm

1135 North Church Street

LifeHouse Theater’s award-winning musical adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved story of a young orphan girl with red hair and a big imagination has become and audience favorite.  “We are excited to have the opportunity to present the heartwarming story of Anne Shirley for our 24th season” said LifeHouse founder and president Wayne R. Scott, who also wrote the musical.  “Audiences of all ages have enjoyed this touching tale of the hilarious orphan and we look forward to our return trip to Avonlea.”

LifeHouse Theater is a service organization devoted to serving the Inland Empire through the performing arts.  For more information, call (909) 335-3037 or visit our website at


Anne Shirley – Imaginative Orphan

Station Master – At Train Depot

Matthew Cuthbert – Middle-aged, Quiet Farmer, Guardian of Anne

Rachel Lynde – Gossipy Friend and Neighbor of the Cuthberts

Aunt Josephine Barry – Wealthy Barry Family Matriarch

Marilla Cuthbert – Matthew’s Tart Sister, Guardian of Anne

Mrs. Blewett – Cranky Local Housewife

Rev. Allan – Local Pastor

Mrs. Allan – Pastor’s Wife

Diana Barry – Anne’s Best “Bosom Friend”

Mrs. Barry – Diana’s Unpredictable Mother

Minnie May Barry – Diana’s Young, Sickly Sister

Josie Pye – Rival to Anne and Classmates

Mr. Phillips – Inept School Teacher

Prissy Andrews – Older Student, Doted Upon by Mr. Phillips

Gilbert Blythe – Handsome Classmate of Anne’s

Ruby Gillis – Classmate

Jane Andrews – Classmate

Jimmy Glover – Classmate

Moody Spurgeon – Classmate

Charlie Sloane – Classmate

Miss Stacy – Lovely Visiting Teacher

Mr. Sadler – A Solicitor

Cost: $25 - $19 for adults; $12 - $9 for Children ages 3-11