5 Best Bubble Tea Places in California!

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan back in the 1980s. Since then, the chewy tapioca balls have become a favorite treat throughout California. Also known as boba, pearls, or bubbles, bubble tea comes in a variety of flavors, from fruity and refreshing to dark and rich. You’ll find some combinations with dairy, some without. Here are the five bubble tea places in California! 

Boba Guys, San Francisco, CA

Boba Guys is the result of two guys bonding over a love of boba and wanting to bring it to their new hometown. Using locally-grown ingredients makes the Boba Guys are truly special place to get bubble tea. You can get your boba hot or iced, made with traditional Asian flavors or with California flavors like horchata. 

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Tpumps, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA

Tpumps has several locations in both Northern California and Southern California. The popularity of the place comes from the vast variety of flavor selections and different ways that you can customize your boba, ranging from the sweetness to the boba or seeds that you add to the drink. 

Roasting Water, Westminster, CA

Roasting Water takes pride in using only fresh fruits and freshly brewed coffee. In addition to different types of boba, you can add seeds, aloe, jelly, pudding and other additions to an array of teas, smoothies, and other hot and cold beverages. 

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Plentea, Berkeley and San Francisco, CA

Pleantea began when a Chinese expat discovered that boba in the States wasn’t up to par. Pleantea uses only fresh ingredients and goes the extra mile by making drinks sustainable and offering them in reusable bottles. Using artisan teas, choose from traditional blends and other flavors.

San Diego Boba Tea, National City, CA

San Diego Boba Tea is a family run boba shop that serves up a lot more than just boba. The shop offers discounts and a rewards card as well as much more than just boba. The local shop is a favorite and also features a variety of Asian style sweets such as honey brick toasts, waffles, macarons, mocha and more. Boba drinks are topped with everything from cereal to more traditional boba add-ons for a unique spin on the drinks.

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