The 8 Best Spots for French Fries in California!

French fries—an American classic. Whether they’re of the crispy and classic variety paired with a dipping sauce or topped with bacon, cheese, and maybe even chili, you’ll be blown away by the selection of French fries available in the Golden State. From gastropubs, to ball parks, to fine dining establishments, here’s where you can find the best French fries in California.  

Jasper's Corner Tap, San Francisco, CA

Jasper’s Corner Tap focuses on local ingredients and sustainability. So when you order your choice of fries the cooking oil gets converted into bio-diesel and you get delicious fries.

Gilroy Garlic Fries at AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA

If you’re heading to a Giants game, then try the Gilroy Garlic Fries at AT&T Park. The fries have been stealing headlines, thanks to the fresh-from-the-fields flavor that combines locally grown ingredients with gourmet tastes.

The Oinkster, Los Angeles, CA

The Oinkster is a modern fast-food restaurant with two locations in the LA area. Thanks to its burger and sandwich roots, it does fries well. And it has fries with toppings, including a riff on In N’ Out’s dressing topped fries, as well as chili fries. Or just go for the Belgian version.

Jollibee, Multiple locations

Jollibee is a Filipino fast-food chain that started in Northern California and now has locations in select cities throughout the state and few without. Nothing goes better with Jolliebee’s bucket of chicken than a side of fries. Although fries go really with anything—or nothing.

Father’s Office, Los Angeles, CA

Father’s Office is one of the older trendy gastropubs in LA, but it’s still going strong thanks to its legendary take on a burger and fries. Order at the counter and enjoy some of the best fries to go with a burger in the city.

BLK Burgrz, Ladera Ranch, CA

BLK Burgrz puts a high-end spin on burgers but you can find a basket of fries to go with or without the luxurious burger selection. Try them alongside a huge burger, or dig in as an appetizer, they’re a favorite.

A Restaurant, Laguna Beach, CA

For fancy fries, head to A Restaurant in Laguna Beach. It’s been serving classic, classy cuisine for decades. Enjoy the twice fried fries that come served with truffled mayo sauce along with a steak or burger or just as an appetizer on their own.

The Smoking Goat, San Diego, CA

French fries are pretty much a standard order at the Smoking Goat. The bistro has a strong European influence, and the fries are no different: cooked in duck fat and sprinkled with pecorino cheese alongside an aioli dip.

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