The 10 Best Tattoo Parlors in California!

Whether you’re looking for a tiny trendy tattoo as your first ink or looking to complete a major artwork on your back, then you’ll find some of the best tattoo artists anywhere in the world in California. From the vegan ink, female owned shops of the Bay Area to the parlors that have been inking generations of Southlanders, California is home to some of the most famous tattoo parlors in the world.

Six Feet Under, Upland, CA

Six Feet Under is the tattoo parlor of reality star and famed tattoo artist Corey Miller. Trained by some of California’s most famous names, Corey has a style all is own and all the artists bring something unique to the tattoo game.

Outer Limits Tattoo, Costa Mesa and Long Beach, CA

Orange County loves tattoos and Outer Limits Tattoo proves it as the oldest tattoo parlor in America—with a second location as well. Thanks to a location on the Long Beach pier, once upon a time the shop was the go-to stop for sailors.

Ed Hardy's Tattoo City, San Francisco, CA

Home to top-notch artists and unique designs, Ed Hardy's Tattoo City is a very classic spot. Check out their Instagram for some of their latest designs. 

Guru Tattoo, San Diego, CA

Guru Tattoo has two locations in San Diego. The shop is a favorite for the artistic take on the art of tattooing and offers a variety of artists to appeal to your unique style.

Rose Gold, San Francisco, CA

Rose Gold offers vegan ink, if you happen to care about that sort of thing. Also, friendly helpful and professional artists ready to create unique designs or help you find just the right work for you.

Good Time Charlie’s Tattooland, Anaheim, CA

Good Time Charlie’s Tattooland is known for its classic black and gray style, portraits and signature style. The shop has been around for decades and generations of families head over to get inked as a memorable first tattoo. 

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Bob & Charlie Robert’s Spotlight Tattoo, Hollywood, CA

Bob & Charlie Robert’s Spotlight Tattoo is an unassuming shop packed with tattoo professionals that ink everyone from millennials to women of a certain age looking to spice things up. Helpful and friendly, the shop remains a mainstay of Hollywood’s rotating tattoo scene.

Black Heart Tattoo, San Francisco, CA

Black Heart Tattoo takes pride in offering creative artists that have decades of combined experience with plenty of original works. Black Heart Tattoo is a shop for the modern age of tattoos, whether you’re looking for a freestyle tattoo or have an image in mind.

New Generation Tattoo, San Jose, CA

New Generation Tattoo goes out of its way to ensure every customer is happy and satisfied, using updated hygiene practices and equipment. You’ll find a variety of options, whether you’re looking to cover up an old tattoo or going for your first.

Black & Blue Tattoo, San Francisco, CA

Black & Blue Tattoo is a female owned tattoo shop that celebrates diversity. Keep your fragrances to a minimum to ensure a calm and peaceful tattoo experience that allows you to showcase your own style.

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