The 9 Best Places for Crab in California!

California’s proximity to water means that seafood is plentiful and readily available at many restaurants throughout the state. When it comes to crab, there are seasonal varieties as well as species that are flown in. Used as a stuffing, made into soups and chowders, featured in salads, seasoned and flavored or enjoyed with nothing more than drawn butter, check out where you can find your favorite variations on crab in California. 

Domenico’s on the Wharf, Monterey, CA

For over 35 years, Domenico’s has been serving seafood right on the water. The picturesque boat sources Alaskan Red King Crab caught by the Hillstrand brothers on the famous Time Bandit fishing boat. There’s also crab cakes, crab cocktails, and many other crab dishes to be found on the vast menu. 

Cracked Crab, Pismo Beach, CA

Cracked Crab in Pismo Beach changes the menu daily but crab is always a main feature. The casual seafood shack offers crab cakes, crab bisque, crab Louie, softshell crab sandwich, crab melt and other crabby delights that focus on local seafood.

Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar, Healdsburg, CA

Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar brings a little East Coast style to wine country with a little Latin flair thrown in for good measure. The chef is well known in wine country and the surrounding area with several restaurants including the popular Willi’s. You’ll find a vast array of seafood options including riffs on crab tacos and softshell crab.

Fish, Sausalito, CA

Fish Restaurant in Sausalito helps the local fish population with sustainable practices and helps the local economy by relying on nearby fishermen. Look for the crab roll, a take on the East Coast favorite, made with California ingredients. 

Franciscan Crab Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

The Franciscan Crab Restaurant takes pride in serving the biggest, best Dungeness crabs sourced from the Pacific Ocean right outside of Fisherman’s Wharf. Sourced from the area starting in November, you can find crab boiled, topping Louis salads, and in fish stews. The Franciscan is a main feature of Fisherman’s Wharf and offers sweeping views of the iconic Bay in addition to a variety of crab dishes.

Redondo Beach Crab House, Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach Crab House is a no-frills seafood spot on the pier. Enjoy a variety of Korean dishes and the signature Dungeness crab that comes fresh from the Pacific Waters. Located right on the pier, you’ll get fast, friendly service in one of the little-known best restaurants in the area.

Crab City Restaurants, Sacramento, CA

Crab City is the kind of Asian meets Southern spot that you’d find in New Orleans. Big bags of crab are served covered in Cajun spices. Choose your crab, pick a seasoning or go for a softshell crab basket to enjoy the crunchy deliciousness.

PPQ Dungeness Island, San Francisco, CA

PPQ Dungeness Island features Vietnamese dishes, including crab. You’ll find Vietnamese dishes featuring crabs cooked and seasoned in different methods along with many non-seafood options. Try crab with a side of crab fried rice or go for a complete dinner deal that features crab for a selection of different dishes. 

Crab House, San Francisco, CA

The famous dish is the Killer Crab, but there’s plenty of other crab dishes to try if you’re not into garlic butter sauce. There is also crab legs, crab chowder, crab Caesar, crab enchilada, crab cakes to name just a few. It’s from the same company that does a variety of other popular restaurants, including The Franciscan. 

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