The 10 Best Senior Discount Offers in California!

The secret to enjoying California in your later years? Senior discounts! Airlines, hotels, car rentals and many chain and fast-food restaurants offer senior discounts to help you fly in and out of California and enjoy your time in the Golden State. But even residents may not know that in order to get a discounted price, they have to ask for it or face paying the regular price. Check out some of the spots that offer senior discounts so that you can experience California at a better price. 

1. State parks

With hundreds of state parks throughout California, take advantage of the senior discount offered on annual passes. With beaches, mountains and deserts to explore, you won’t soon get tired of the natural wonders, but you may get tired of having to pay fees.

2. Watts Towers, South Central Los Angeles, CA

The Watts Towers are a sight to see and if you’re a senior, you can get a tour at a discount. Tours are the only way to learn about the cultural and historical importance of the national monuments so book in advance and be sure to tell them that you’re a senior in order to get the discount.

On an unassuming plot of land, spitting distance from the train tracks that run through the center of Watts, you'll find the Watts Towers, one of the most stunning and improbable works of public art anywhere in the United States. Seventeen sculptures rise like giant, inverted ice cream cones toward the sky. The openwork spires are embedded with shells, tiles, soda bottles, mirrors, shards of pottery and two grinding wheels. The Watts Towers are even more remarkable when you know they were the vision of Simon Rodia, an Italian immigrant who worked nearly every day for 34 years, with no outside help and only the most elemental of tools, to build a monument at once impenetrably personal and joyously communal. Link in bio for more magical Los Angeles locations. Photo: @zemor #discoverLA

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3. Museums of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

MOCA offers a variety of arts and culture centers throughout Los Angeles. Mention that you’re a senior to get a special rate on your tickets and entry into your choice of museums. There may be additional fees for select exhibitions but you’ll still be saving money for the ability to see some great artworks.


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4. Country Sun, Palo Alto, CA

Health food fiends in Palo Alto love Country Sun grocery store’s senior discount. Supplements and organic foods are expensive but a senior discount can bring down the cost some. On Wednesdays and Sundays, seniors get a discount, but check ahead to make sure that the schedule hasn’t changed. 

Dang. Yum

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5. Heidi’s Pies, San Mateo, CA

Heidi’s Pies are a Bay Area favorite and seniors love hitting the pie shop up for discounts and a taste of the senior menu. The pies are said to be worth paying full price for, but the discount does make them taste a little sweeter.

6. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

The Natural History Museum is an amazing place to spend the day exploring. But if you don’t tell, they won’t ask about your senior citizenship discount and you could miss out on saving some dough. The museum has interesting exhibits that make history interesting for all ages.

7. La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, CA

The Tar Pits is an LA landmark and while the tar pits themselves are free, there is a fee to check out the museum and see all the stuff that has been found in the tar pits over the years as well as their significance in the history of LA. With a senior discount, you can save a few bucks and explore LACMA next door.

8. Arizmendi Bakery, Oakland, CA

The Arizmendi Bakery has a unique coop model and some of the locations offer senior discounts. The pizza of the day is a favorite as is the fact that they sometimes showcase the deal on the whiteboard filled with other specials.

9. Jeong Won Korean BBQ, San Diego, CA

All you can eat barbecue can be a deal if you have a large appetite. But if you eat a little less and are a little older, the family run restaurant is said to have a deal for that. There are other specials too and because it’s family run, discounts seem to be at individual discretion, so ask about it but don’t expect it.

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10. The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

The Exploratorium is one of the most unique museums in California, with special events, activities and hands-on experiences. Ask for a senior discount when you order your tickets to save a couple bucks off the regular price of admission. 

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