The 9 Best Thrift Shops in California!

Whether you love the 1970s, enjoy a vintage sofa or you’re looking to support a cause, there’s a thrift store for you. Thrift stores are often linked to charitable causes and some of the biggest support local efforts. From the funky spots in San Francisco, to the shops that inspire Hollywood costume designers, check out some of the thrift stores that feature everything from designer goods to vintage clothes waiting to become your latest treasure.

UCLA Thrift Shop, Los Angeles, CA

The UCLA Thrift Shop supports the UCLA Medical Auxiliary through the sale of everything from designer labels to furniture and everything in between. If you find yourself in LA, it’s definitely worth spending time sorting through the wide selection to find a treasure.

Squaresville, Los Feliz, CA

If you’re in the mood for something disco fabulous, quirky or unique, you will probably find it at Squaresville. Squaresville has been around for twenty years and is located in a notoriously cool part of Los Angeles.

Mars Mercantile, Berkley, CA

Mars Mercantile has two floors filled with cool threads like ironic t-shirts and soft flannels. A favorite with locals and visitors, Mars Mercantile has inspired vintage lovers from all decades.

Revivals, Coachella Valley, CA

Revivals has a couple of locations in the Coachella Valley. You’ll find sweet swanky furniture along with clothing, accessories, shoes and more.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Los Angeles, CA

Society of St. Vincent de Paul is more often referred to as St. Vincent’s and is the first place to hit if you’re in need of apartment furniture after moving to the city. The odd location is a giant warehouse that requires some serious digging to find some amazing deals.

Second Chance Thrift Store, Monterey and Pacific Grove, CA

The Second Chance Thrift Store supports a ministry and is filled with a selection of furniture, DVDs, books, clothing and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Held Over Vintage, San Francisco, CA

Nicely organized into sections like leather jackets or unusual outfits, Held Over Vintage is a great spot to shop for stuff by decades. There are mirrors and dressing rooms to check things out before you buy and prices that can fit any budget.

It’s a Wrap, Los Angeles, CA

Are you a movie buff? Now’s your chance to take home real Hollywood movie set costumes and props. It’s a Wrap in Los Angeles specializes in offering the public wardrobe and prop items from famous movies and TV sets. When you visit, marvel at all of the memorabilia that decorates the walls. It’s Wrap is home to outfits worn by Sylvester Stallone, Drew Barrymore, Brad Pitt, and many more! 

Community Thrift, San Francisco, CA

When you shop at Community Thrift, you’re supporting a good cause. Community Thrift is connected with over 200 Bay Area charities. Their wide-reaching charitable approach also makes Community an ideal place for donating. If you have clothes you’d like to donate you can bring them in, choose a local charity partner, and when your items get purchased a portion of the proceeds go to the charity you selected. And your donated item gets a new home! 

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