9 Best Candy Shops in California!

Throughout the Golden State, you’ll find plenty of candy stores to satisfy your sweet tooth. As a bonus, candy packs well so that you can bring home a sugary delight. Check out some of the very best candy shops in California. 

Little Flower Candy Company, Pasadena, CA

The Little Flower Candy Company gained recognition for its homemade marshmallows and other treats. The Little Flower Candy Company now has another restaurant and an expanded menu, but they still have the same fluffy marshmallows that the world first fell in love with.

Chocolate Covered, San Francisco, CA

Chocolate Covered features chocolate and more chocolate. Numerous shelves are stocked nearly floor to ceiling, warehouse style with chocolate bars and chocolate accessories from around the world so that you can find the perfect treat. 

Carousel Candies, Monterey, CA

Nothing is a better beach tradition than enjoy salt water taffy on a pier and Carousel Candies has been providing Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf with salt water taffy for close to 50 years. The shop hand-crafts numerous traditional treats include salt water taffy, candies, and candy apples. Gummies, sours, fudge and more can also be found in the quaint store.

Jelly Belly Candy Store, Fairfield, CA

Sure, you can pick up jelly beans at any corner drugstore but you can’t see where Jelly Belly comes from just anywhere. The Jelly Belly Candy Store offers a boatload of the favorite candies as well as tours that showcase the production process.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, San Francisco, CA

Ghirardelli’s shiny chocolate squares are found next to many cash registers these days, but the original Ghirardelli is best enjoyed in San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square. The ambience resembles an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, while the long lines are more like Disneyland. But it’s worth the wait for some of the best hot fudge anywhere. And of course, you can bring home lot of shiny wrapped chocolates.

See’s Candies, Los Angeles, CA

See’s Candies are the coolest candy shops around, with friendly staff that offer tastes and treats to go with your white paper packages. Hailing from L.A., the original candy factory still stands. You can’t tour the factory, but you can imagine the way the company has been making candy for 90 years thanks to the black and white designs of the shops you’ll find all over the city.

TCHO, Berkeley, CA

TCHO is the kind of chocolate company that you might expect to find in the Bay Area. TCHO uses technology to source sustainably and socially conscious cocoa in developing countries to create ethical organic chocolate. You can visit the factory that has moved to Berkley or find TCHO at a kiosk. 

The Sacramento Sweets Company, Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Sweets Company in Old Sacramento is a family owned business that takes pride in being the second oldest business in town under a single ownership. Chief candy maker keeps classic favorites like brittles and candy apples along with soft serve ice cream that goes beyond the usual vanilla.

The Candy Store, San Francisco, CA

The Candy Store combines a clean modern design with old fashioned tastes. You’ll find vintage candy brands from days of yore as well as bulk candy in well-appointed old school candy jars. The Candy Store also offers creative gifts and custom favors for special events.

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