Paramount Theatre Of The Arts

2025 Broadway

Oakland's Paramount Theatre is one of the finest remaining examples of Art Deco design in the United States. Designed by renowned San Francisco architect Timothy L. Pflueger and completed in late 1931, it was one of the first Depression-era buildings to incorporate and integrate the work of numerous creative artists into its architecture and is particularly noteworthy for its successful orchestration of the various artistic disciplines into an original and harmonious whole.

Construction was initiated by Publix Theatres, the exhibiting organization of Paramount Pictures. Although financial difficulties forced the sale of the uncompleted building to Fox-West Coast Theatres, the firm that completed the theatre and operated it until it closed on September 15, 1970, the name "Paramount" was retained.

After its initial brief blaze of "movie palace" glory in the 1930's, this remarkable auditorium suffered three decades of neglect and decline until its rescue by the Oakland Symphony, the City of Oakland and numerous private donors. The building was purchased by the Board of Directors of the Oakland Symphony Orchestra Association in 1972. A painstaking and authentic restoration was completed in 1973 and the theatre was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on August 14th of that year.

In 1975 the City of Oakland, the present owner, assumed ownership from the Oakland Symphony Orchestra Association. The Paramount Theatre became a California Registered Historic Landmark in 1976, and on May 5, 1977, was declared a National Historic Landmark.

Restored to its original splendor, meticulously maintained, and fully upgraded to modern technical standards, the Paramount now serves all the arts. The Paramount Theatre is the home of the Oakland East Bay Symphony and, as one of the San Francisco Bay Area's premiere performing arts facilities, hosts a year-round schedule of popular music concerts, variety shows, theatre, and - of course - movies.


Hanitpal Singh

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018

This place is well maintained, big, and has good acoustics. It also brings back memories as the paramount theatre has been a part of many experiences growing up. The clean bathrooms are a big plus, also!

ThE OuTLaw

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017

NATURALIZATION OATH CEREMONY EXPERIENCE : Found $20 event parking next to the theater. My oath letter told us to be there at 9:15 am. We were there about 30 mints early. No big line on the door. Within 2 minutes we got inside and the person checking our oath letter gave us a door number (#7) to check in. Outside door #7 on our way inside the sitting area, they took our oath letter and green card. All door #7 people sit in the same area. Program started exactly at 9:15am. Lectures, songs, passport info, social cecurity info, voter registration info, and some guest speakers talked until 10:15am, almost 1 hour. At exactly 10:20am we stand up for oath. Oath of allegiance took about 2 minutes. Few guest speakers talked about 20 more minutes after oath. At around 10:40 am they started giving our naturalization certificate. We were seated on our seat and 1 person had all certificates for the people entered through door #7. It took 5 minutes to get mine. After getting the certificate everyone is good to go. I was outside the theatre by 10 :50 am. I had a final at 12pm same day. So i made it. Hope this review helps if you have any appointment or work on same day of your oath.

Marla June

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018

Beautiful and historic place! The sound system really need some help. I highly recommend going to a concert there if nothing else for that atmosphere

Shari Davis

Monday, Dec. 11, 2017

I went to see a concert. This place is pretty beautiful but a little outdated. The sound wasn't great from the balcony, but you can make out what's happening. This is a pretty iconic spot in Oakland and there are shows constantly from R&B performances to underground stuff. The seats were more comfortable than I expected and the staff was super helpful. The usher in my section walked us all the way to our seats and pointed them out with a flashlight since it was pretty dark when we arrived.

Lorna Fox

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

This theatre looks great. The original style has been maintained. Every seat is a good seat.