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Our Mission 

The mission of the Foundation is to educate the public about railroad history as it pertains to the development of the Southwest Region of the United States, particularly the Los Angeles area. We fulfill this mission by supporting the restoration, operation, and interpretation of the historic railroad equipment at the City-operated Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park.

The Foundation supports Travel Town by helping the Department of Recreation & Parks to fund and administer the Museum's volunteer programs, restoration projects and educational outreach efforts. Many of the Museum's programs and activities are funded through grants and donations along with proceeds from our Museum Gift Shop.

We hope you will come for a visit and experience all the Park has to offer you and your family. Become a member, volunteer, shop in the Gift Shop, take a Docent Tour, ride the train and, most of all, keep the rails alive! See you soon!


David Manuel Munoz

Thursday, May 17, 2018
My children love this place. They love looking at the historic trains and the I door museum. The staff is always friendly. The small train ride it's very nice because it gives you two rides around the park. Also entry to the museum is free so please enjoy it and what Griffth Park has to offer.

Patrick Desjardins

Sunday, March 25, 2018
This place is free but if you want to ride it will cost you about 3$ each. Reasonable price. The trains are old and awesome to see. They are huge and you can go in few of them. The place is crowded with artists but it is okay. Lots of family come this place which is great if you have kids. There is place to have picnic and you can organize party. The parking is big and free.

Matteo Shriver

Sunday, April 22, 2018
Parking and enterance are free. There are paths or areas to move your strollers, but your little ones will run all over the train tracks and you will have a hard time getting to them. Best not to bring your strollers. Great place to bring your little ones for an hour or 2. They have a mini train ride that makes 2 laps around the museum grounds. Train ride tickets are $2.75 and 18 months and younger ride free.

M.J. Kang

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018
Charming place to see a variety of trains that no longer are put to work. Bring a picnic. Also a great place for birthday parties for train enthusiasts. Parking can be challenging as it tends to fill up. Wear running shoes or comfortable shoes to walk around.

Dave Lee

Thursday, March 29, 2018
It's free! Except the mini train ride which is two long laps for 2.75 which seems a good value. Keep a close eye on active kids cuz you can walk right up to the trains (can only go into some) and there are rail tracks to trip over.

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