Soda Springs Mountain Resort

10244 Soda Springs Road

Soda Springs Mountain Resort is Tahoe's best snow park for kids. Its a ski resort with 42 trails and 5 lifts on 468 skiable acres. The terrain is fairly diverse, with the most advanced courses on the top of the mountain. Soda Springs is great for kids and families, with a number of extra attractions built especially for them: a tubing area, a mini snowmobile area, and a "Kid’s Place" complete with tube carousel. Soda Springs has small terrain features, grooming, snowmaking, ski and snowboard lessons, and equipment rental. A less intimidating setting than other high paced resorts, Soda Springs offers a low-key and casual atmosphere where families will find they can just enjoy the small things in life. Soda Springs, celebrating it's 70th year, attracted early day adventurers outfitted in laced leather boots with wooden skis. Soda Springs was a popular destination accessed primarily by train.


Madhusudan Vishwanath

Monday, Feb. 12, 2018

Great resort for kids. My son enjoyed doing the kids snow tubing, building snowman and private ski lessons. Prices are reasonable as well.

Ronni Ranae Chiusano

Monday, Jan. 29, 2018

I rarely review places, especially when NOT asked to. And I Never stop in the middle of my vacation to review it, we left and hour ago,and that's how great of experience it was. I had to stop and share. We drove an hour and a half from South lake Tahoe because it said that they had a kid zone targeted to those under 7 ( I have a 2year old). We get there and it's only $35 dollars for myself the bf and the little to get in, SCORE!! Next I asked how we get to the Kid Zone, expecting to be told I'm going to drag my toddler who has decided she is going to take on terrible twos with a vengeance to someplace impossible far away because I see no "kid zone" in site. no worries there either, you can get towed by the Snow Jeep, my kid loved this and no extra charge!! And then we're in the kid Zone and it all I could have asked for, areas she can play in the snow, a tube ride, and tube hill..and free equipment rentals for ski's and snowboards. I have to mention I am from a area that for the tree of us to do any thing together it is a minimum of $100 and everything is extra, so all of the was really awesome. next I see if I can have lessons for my toddler, I CAN and it's $35!!! I am loving this place. I paid for a class and no one else signed up so I got private lesson. Our instructor Brohdi or something to that effect (. I suck with names) was amazing. My toddler hated it, and screamed her head off and never once did he get irratate d or short with her. I loved that he kept using her name and trying to engage her. She was not having it but her never gave up and never got frustrated. Even after the lesson after she had calmed down, he checked in with her using her name. He made our experience. Everyone who helped us was polite and super helpful, it was a great experience, I plan to stay closer to this spot next time we visit. The customer experience was awesome, the managers and staff are doing a great job.

G Burdick

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

A great place for new skiers and snow boarders. Only two lifts and a pretty small mountain, but it helps if you're with little ones. Has a big tubing run with lifts to the top. Tubing can be expensive. All in all a pretty fun place. Lots of parking.

Simran Singh

Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017

All basic stuff. Not that much of snow today. They did full efforts to make it working today but not their fault. $50 for tubing is on higher side. Good for smaller kids who don't wanna do skiing

Manilay Saito

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018

Very small resort and for rather débutants. Kids rental is at the other end of the resort, ça not get and lift and equipment in one place. 45 min wait for lift tickets. Only one Cafe to rest. No indoor rest area at the kids tubing and ski practice.