Pixieland Amusement Park

2740 East Olivera Road


Pixieland Amusement Park has been providing fun and enchantment for generations of children in the Bay Area for over 40 years.The magic began in the late 1950's when toy store owner Norman Rosenburg built the original park next to his store at the eastern end of the Park and Shop lot. Naming it King Norman's Wonderland, the park began with a merry-go-round, a train, a ferris wheel and miniature cars, which required a driver's license issued by the park.The Wonderland enchanted children until 1965, when it was removed due to an expansion of the shopping center.

Bill Edwards, an employee of the original park, decided to keep the magic alive and purchased the rides when it closed. He moved them to Oakland for a brief period, but soon returned to WillowPassPark in 1970, where Pixie Playland, (it's original name), has been ever since. Bill maintained the magic until 1989, when he retired. The City of Concord purchased several rides and turned the operation of the park over to Sam Johnston in May 1990. The park was renovated in 1995.

In 2000, it was sold to Jeff Warrenburg who maintained the enchantment until 2004. Jeff developed several new and exciting events, with the most popular being the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.Cindy Brumley bought the park in 2004. With meticulous attention to detail and safety, Cindy has ensured that Pixieland will remain a Concord tradition for years to come.We hope you'll share in our tradition and make some memories that will last a lifetime


Richard Ledda

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018

A great day to spend the weekend with little ones. Loved the train ride. Hope PixieLand improved scenery throughout train rout.

F. s.

Monday, Sep. 25, 2017

We hosted a birthday party for our 3 children. 7, 6 and 1 birthday, ALLLLLLLL the children in our party enjoyed themselves. The crowd control is amazing! The staff were exceptionally helpful and fabulous hosts! Every part of our experience was more than I thought when making our reservation. Our children and their guests rode every ride more than 3 times and they just kept going! Thank you Pixieland for being awesome with your hospitality! WINDY GROVE is the best area to host a party!

Never Guess

Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018

This place has been here since I was a child it is wonderful and just as I remembered great place for family friends and kids

Amy F

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Great place for preschoolers! You do not pay to get in, you pay for tickets. I think it was $34 for 30 tickets. The train ride is 2 tickets per rider. The other rides were 1 ticket for each rider. Rides are really short, but we didn't wait in line for anything. It's a nice introduction to amusement park rides without a whole day commitment.

Jason Simone

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017

Pretty great for toddlers. Free parking, free admission. Rides are usually 1 ticket and seem deceptively cheap, but the ticket cost is about $2.