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Ocean World

304 Highway 101 South


Ocean World aquarium is privately owned and operated and has been in Crescent City since 1964. Originally Ocean World was called Under Sea Gardens and was located in the small boat basin. It was a barge that was built in Seattle as an aquarium and floated down to Crescent City and rested in the harbor. Visitors would descend below the surface of the water to observation windows to view the sea life. 

In 1985 the barge was moved to dry land and took on a new life as Undersea World aquarium. The aquarium now consists of tanks holding over half a million gallons and an abundance of sea life, including sharks, seals, sea lions, rays and wolf eels. Now with a name change to Ocean World and added attractions of shark petting, interactive tide pool, and a highflying sea lion performance, we have something for the whole family.


Michael Hanna

Sunday, July 15, 2018
This was a great place. Very affordable tour. Gift shop was fine, some things could be pricey but they have to make money and I don't consider it a tourist trap. Its legit and everyone there was great and friendly. In a small town setting this was a nice surprise. I was able to bring my working dog in for the tour, which was very informative and staff were all friendly and accommodating. There was a couple places you could touch sea life, such as the starfish and anemones and also some sharks, small sand type sharks, not aggressive and no teeth to hurt anyone, especially children with. They were very calm and friendly. The Seal and Sea Lion show at the end was great. Because I had a dog with me, they asked that I observed from the platform above since they did not know how the animals would react. After the show and tour were over, they allowed us to come meet a sea lion and see how they interacted together. It was a great and funny interaction which you can see in my posted video, we had no problems. 5 Stars all the way.

Addie Peterson

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018
Went here on a trip with my boyfriend and had such a wonderful time. Not only were the staff kind and curteous every time we entered the store (yes, we went back to the gift shop a few times just because I loved this place so much) but the animals were also visibly happy and in a safe environment. The shark that you get to pet was also, I am happy to say, in the perfect environment for such an animal, in a circular tank in which it can keep swimming and will continue to be happy and not cramped either. The sea lion and seal show was amazing too! The trainer loves the animals, you can tell, and everyone was gasping in amazement at the tricks! These people clearly love and care for the animals and I am proud to support this business and I’m so glad we found it on our trip!

Jessie S

Saturday, July 21, 2018
My family loved coming to this little aquarium while on vacation. From what I could see, they took great care of their rescue animals and their guided tour was interactive and fun. They even have a small "show" with their rescue sea lions at the end of this 30 minute tour. My family started calling it Mini Sea World because it's got the animals and not the insane crowds. They also have a very big souvenir/gift shop that was fun to browse. Overall, we enjoyed our visit here.

J Rom

Friday, June 22, 2018
A decent small town with a good avarege aquarium. The tour was excellent. Lost of info. Small but cute and interesting for all ages. The touching star fish and a shark made it all worth it. Also the little show they did at the end of tour with the seals. I would have probably give it a 5 star but the only down side was the prices at gift store were way too much. Rather than that great friendly staff and amazing tour lady.

Ummm Lyssa

Friday, July 13, 2018
This is one of our favorite attractions in Crescent city. The tour is pretty awesome for the kids. You can pet a starfish or a shark. You get to see all kinds of underwater life and at the end you get a show from their seals/sea lions. It's always a fun time.

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