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Oakland Museum of California

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Our Mission

"The mission of the Oakland Museum of California is to connect communities to the cultural and environmental heritage of California. Through collections, exhibitions, education programs, and public dialogue, we inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to think creatively and critically about the natural, artistic and social forces that characterize our state and influence its relationship to the world."


When the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) first opened its doors more than forty years ago, it brought together three historically independent disciplines art, history, and natural sciences under one roof. This progressive multidisciplinary approach was to celebrate the many facets of California. Our collections comprising more than 1.8 million objects including seminal art works, historical artifacts, ethnographic objects, natural specimens, and photographs and our programs explore and reveal the factors that shape California character and identity, from its extraordinary natural landscapes, to successive waves of migration, to its unique culture of creativity and innovation.

OMCA has reopened its galleries after a transformation that touches almost every aspect of the 300,000 square-foot Museum and builds on the founders' original multidisciplinary and civic-minded intent by improving integration of OMCA's collections and programs, strengthening its role as a public forum, and creating new opportunities for visitor participation. The collections are animated by innovative interpretive tools and interactive features; and new gathering spaces and program areas engage visitors and encourage them to share their own perspectives, questions, and stories.

OMCA nurtures its deep ties to the community by offering many educational and outreach programs. We welcome schools, scholars, local audiences, and all visitors to participate in our events and activities and to discover their place in California's past, present, and future.


Larry McCroskey

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Love it! There well curated exhibits regularly change and are always worth a visit. The cafe has an amazing patio where one can bask in there sun, read a good book, and just enjoy life. Finally, the gardens are gorgeous, well laid out, and a great place to relax and enjoy a warm summer afternoon. Definitely family friendly.

Samara Stirneman

Saturday, May 12, 2018
What a great place. Beautiful grounds, lovely open spaces, accessible, friendly staff, parking garage and very nice gift shop for local gifts and books. The late night Fridays are such a great place for families, friends and/or first dates. Would definitely be on my don't miss list for out of town visitors! Good job Oakland!!!!

Brenton Eddens

Sunday, May 6, 2018
This was a pretty cool event. First and foremost, family friendly and a hip hop display was going on when I went during a first Friday. Great environment for families as well as friends, dates, anyone to come. While there, an older guy asked if they do this every Friday, (which they do, food trucks come on first Friday only though), because he was driving by and heard the music and had to stop, and this is in the midst of his dance off with the little girl that challenged him. Beautiful interaction. But something like $10/adult $5/child gets access to full museum, scattered bars, however, it seems to be free.99 to enjoy the did truck alley, and the small amphitheater where spoken word, free style ciphers, and collabs/battles all clean of course, take place. All in all, I'm impressed by the ability of the Oakland museum to safely bring together the aforementioned older/younger dance off, and might I add how truly proud I am that it went off without any unnecessary drama. It's nice to see Oakland growing. Thanks Oakland museum for representing/connecting Oakland in a beautiful way.

jett smith

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Hip Hop fashion exhibit was amazing. I go to OMC pretty regularly. Great place for kids- they have a lot of interactive stuff, so even kids that think they aren't going to like going end up having a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend going. If you do, and you're driving, park in the garage and get your parking validated. It's $1/hr

Samin Amanat

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
This place was fantastic. The different exhibits and how they were put together was extremely interesting. This is much different than most museums where they just have things on display that you walk for hours and just 'look'. This museum is interactive, it's made so you feel like you're in that era, and as you walk through the museum you move through different eras. It also covers other sides of history that aren't typically talked about in US History.

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