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Miraflores Winery

2120 Four Springs Trail

Open: Year-round

At Miraflores Winery, our passion is to craft balanced new world wines, and indulge the senses with gracious and welcoming surroundings.

Our commitment to producing fine wines begins in our estate vineyards. We are proud to play a role in the renaissance of El Dorado, by growing and making quality wines.


Travis and Kristina Rhodes

Tuesday, Sep. 19, 2017
A friend invited me to have lunch at Miraflores. This was my first time at this winery and I had a wonderful experience. The 4 course meal was prepared by an experienced local chef (they switch out the chefs every weekend) and the food was excellent. The view was breathtaking from our table out on to the vineyards on outdoor patio seating. Got to do a little wine tasting afterwards. Delicious wines and atmosphere. Such a beautiful place. Love having a winery close by to us and can't wait to bring my husband next time.

Terry Rooney

Sunday, Sep. 24, 2017
Excellent wines. Great outdoor dining

Sean Bird

Monday, July 11, 2016
I've been a member here for about 6-7 years. There grounds are beautiful... It feels like an old medieval manor. The view is breathtaking. They hold many events all year long, particularly their special guest chef and wine pairing dinners. Those would be a great location for a wedding as well. I love that their wines making style tends to be complex but subtle and smooth all at once. As great as their wines are, the real reason to come is for their unmatched dessert wines. No one even comes close. Definitely make sure you try the Bottricelli + bleu cheese pairing. Several of the dessert bottles can be brought back in for a refill on your next visit for a small discount. This place is a truly great location and I highly recommend.

Alexi Pacileo

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014
We travel to the area twice a year and always take a day for wine tasting. We visited Miraflores in January and loved a few of their wines. We were a party of 4 and visited during a time that a party of 8 was sampling. The lady serving did not offer a hello or any indication that we were welcome. We waited a few minutes inside and then decided to wait outside and take in the view. We then returned to the tasting room after a few minutes....still no "Just a minute and I'll be right with you" nothing... We waited patiently and then decided to approach the bar (there was room for all 4 of us to stand). Still nothing. It was horribly awkward and rude. The lady serving was just chatting and telling stories with the 4 people left from the group ahead of us. Never a word. We finally walked out after at least 15 minutes of being ignored. I should note that between the 4 of us, we had planned to buy at least a case. DO NOT VISIT this winery. There are too many other wonderful places to spend your time.

Daniel Vasquez

Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016
We are club members and visit Miraflores about 5 times a year. Amazing wines, staff is always friendly and we love their wine pairing lunches...

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