March Field Air Museum

22550 Van Buren Boulevard

March Field Air Museum ....The Keepers of Our Air and Space Heritage

Our mission is to:

Celebrate and Preserve Aviation History and Inspire Current and Future Generations

The March Field Air Museum commemorates the achievements of our military and civilian aviators; provides educational resources and programs; promotes public awareness of past, present and future air and space technologies; and depicts the history of March Field Air Base.


To be the premier Air Museum of the Inland Empire; To provide inspirational learning opportunities that encourage discovery; and provide an environment in which to have FUN!

Purpose and Goals:

The March Field Museum Foundation seeks support from the community to fund and advance the Museum’s educational, preservation, restoration and collections programs. These programs include:

- Unique educational and learning opportunities and environments
- Focused youth experiences and activities which stimulate exploration, imagination, learning and fun (Target audience: 5th-7th graders and military Junior Cadet students - 30,000 per year)
- Recognition programs which celebrate military aviation and the aviators who preserve our freedoms ... yesterday, today and tomorrow
- March Field AirFest and Military Appreciation Picnic – celebrating, recognizing and thanking the men and women of our nation’s Armed Forces for their service and sacrifices
- Supporting and Partnering with the Riverside National Cemetery in honoring our nation’s veterans


Richard Smith

Wednesday, Sep. 6, 2017

Awesome museum. This was my second visit in two years. I live in the uk and it was the highlight of my vacation. Great to see aircraft in a natural environment-outside- with plenty of room for photography. Very informative and friendly staff. I spent 3 hours and only left then to avoid interstate traffic, I would have stayed longer.

Don Voss

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017

The day after Thanksgiving we brought our two familys to the Museum for a tour following a visit to our parents graves at the memorial cemetery.  We thought it would be a fitting tribute to our parents to share an important piece of their lives.  Our dad's were both WWII fighter pilots in europe. Thanks to Annie Lunetta for organizing it for us.  From the moment we entered the door she made us feel at home and her arrangements were seamless  She arranged for Bob Mauger, a former USAF crewmember, to give us an excellent tour.  He had not only information on each airplane but also interesting stories that helped us visualize them when they were frontline aircraft. Thanks again making our visit memorable for all of us. Don and Stephanie

Julie Healon

Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017

What a fun little place. We got tickets on Groupon, for a great deal. We finally made it down there. It wasn't too busy for noon on a Saturday. Inside the museum, lots of kids running around. I was surprised how many kids. I thought this would be a bit if a bore for kids. But they seemed to enjoy it. They announced a tram tour was leaving at 1. And had 3 tix left. We swooped 2 of them up. It was 3.00 per person. The tram held about 10 people. We went around (outside) and drove around the planes. The driver tells you all about the different planes. You don't go anywhere special, or that nobody else goes. It just goes around the main area. Inside, there are planes. There are lots of displays, like uniforms, photos, old phones, stuff like that. There is a NASA room that was interesting. Some pits from planes, where you can sit in them, and flip switches, and push buttons. Some old plane seats from passenger planes. Outside are SO many different planes. 30? 40? I don't know. A lot. We did the tram, so we didnt walk around out there. It's a dirt field, with some cement paths. But very dusty out there. You can't get in, or touch the planes. You can see the Air Base, but it's fenced off. No going over there. But, you can see some planes over there. We spent about 2 hours there. A good time. I didn't see a restaurant or lunch counter. Bathrooms were well maintained. They have a gift shop. Quite the mark up. Soda, water, or a candy bar is 2 bucks each. Definetly a place you should visit.

Ben Orchard

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017

Easy to get to from the freeway, lots of parking as well. Great exhibits and well spaced out. (Except for the P-38 one). Well worth the entry price.

Paula Richardson

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017

Friendly volunteers. Loads to see. Highly recommend taking the tram for the extra $3