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Lakeside Beverages

Lakeside Beverages
7130 Douglas Boulevard

Open: Year Round


We are Lamya and Sam Malhotra, the proud owners of Lakeside Beverages in Granite Bay, California. We believe in the value of education; Sam Malhotra holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Lamya Malhotra holds a Masters Degree in Hospitality Hotel Management. We have worked as managers for the government and private sector industries both in the U.S. and abroad in the fields of public relations, food and beverage, travel and cruise and hotel management.

In 1985 we moved to America with our young son John to further our dream of raising a family and living a secure, prosperous life. Soon after moving here our daughter Zina was born. Our entire family can often be found helping in the store.

We opened our first store in Carmichael in 1992, followed by a second business, Zina Travel International, in 1994. A few years later we opened our third business, Lakeside Beverages. As our passion for the wine industry grew, we decided to purchase Work Vineyard in Napa Valley in 2007.

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