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La Nebbia Winery

La Nebbia Winery
12341 San Mateo Road

Open: Year Round

"In 1934, winemaker John Gemello began producing big, hearty red wines from grapes grown locally in the coastal hills above Santa Clara Valley, California. He crafted them in the tradition of the fine red varietals of his native Italy. Patrons of his winery consumed his reds with great gusto, and so these robust wines were in great demand

In the late 1970's, the winery founded by John Gemello some forty years earlier was relocated from Santa Clara Valley to Half Moon Bay, California. The winery,renamed Obester, continued to produce big, hearty red wines under the Gemello label and newer wines, Reisling, Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese, and sparkling, under the Obester Label. These handcrafted, award winning wines became the signature of Obester Winery.

The new millenium marked a renaissance at Obester Winery, the winery founded by John Gemello in the early 1930's. A new vintner, Kendyl Kellogg, has returned the winery to it's roots producing complex, full-bodied red wines under a new label, Nebbia Signature."

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