Gold Country Fair

1273 High Street

The mission of the 20 th District Agricultural Association is to manage our resources to insure the long-term success of the Association, and in doing so, provide a facility for our communities to celebrate the agriculture, history and culture of our district

The first organized fair was held in Auburn in 1889 and continued annually until 1902. Horse races were a major fair attraction at that time. The only evidence of the existence of those early fairs is that the street leading to the recreation park near the present location of the fairgrounds is still called "Racetrack Street". As gambling fell into disfavor with "civilized" Californians in the early 1900's, fair activities disappeared between 1903 and 1935.

When the California Legislature made funding available for the development of district agricultural fairs in the mid-1930's, local activists went to work. In 1936, Vernon McCann lead a grass roots movement charged with the formation of the 20th District Agricultural Association. Because of his tireless efforts, Mr. McCann has been called the "Father of the Auburn District Fair". A fair in Auburn has been produced annually since that time, with the exception of the war years in the 1940's.

Traditionally one of the largest and most anticipated events in Placer County, the fair enjoys tremendous support from the community. In the 1960's, when the State faced tough financial times, it was proposed that some of the less financially secure fairs be closed. The Auburn District Fair was one of the fairs targeted in that action. The community rallied around their fairgrounds, contacting legislators and petitioning the Governor's office to maintain the facility in Auburn. Based on this support, Governor Reagan and his staff removed the Auburn District Fair from the closure list. At a ceremony held at the fairgrounds in 1970, Governor Ronald Reagan proclaimed that the Auburn District Fair was "The Little Fair That Wouldn't Die."


Journey To Whole

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Always fun to go to events here. Nice and clean. Events seem well organized. There are always law enforcement there to make you feel safe.

McKenna Griffith

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018

There's always a fun and family friendly event happening here. Its also a great place to walk your dog. I overall have had a wonderful time here and highly suggest that you should check it out.

Bobbie Carlson

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

Enjoyed the Antique Show. Lots of vendors, lots of interesting "things" at reasonable prices. The building was clean. The VENDORS displays were well situated and the rows were wide enough to comfortably to walk through.

Jamie Kong

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017

We came here for the @pumpkinnightsfest event. I liked it. Not a huge festival but I'm sure it'll get bigger as time goes on. It was still really fun. We had great weather that night and I was in good company. I will definitely go back. Especially since they had special deals on tickets.

Jeanie Zatkulak

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018

This fairground is amazing. I grew up here with this as my lifelong “home” fairground so maybe I’m biased but I feel so happy here and the grounds are beautiful and well maintained