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3500 Polk Street

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Castle Park is an amusement park founded in 1976 that has been expanding ever since. The park includes a full amusement ride park featuring 27 rides suitable for all ages, four championship miniature golf courses, a vast selection of carnival midway games, a water playground, retail shops, a video arcade, performances by “Anthony the Magic” and various party locations including the circus tent themed “Big Top.” Castle Park is located right off the 91 freeway in the city of Riverside, California.


Hard Work

Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
Dirty, dirty, and more dirty. The price is right for amusement for a family. However, Management needs to become Management and start Managing. These kid employees can’t answer simple questions correctly. Second thing, we arrived to a horribly dirty parking lot. Still a bunch of trash strewn throughout the parking lot from the night before. Clean up your First Impressions people - that parking lot is your first point of contact. Get your employees out their earlier to have it clean WELL before opening hours. Not people still cleaning a disaster of fast food everywhere at opening hours. Change your water slide water more often, it’s murky in no time flat. Sending my kids into murky water isn’t exactly what I think is an idea of ideal. Time to switch from cloth tops of your buildings over to hard tops or at least dye them because they are deteriorating in color. All of your asphalt is in serious need of a topcoat of sealant - many layers of it to make up for how many years it’s behind. Love the tree shading, it’s great you have all the established trees that’s so essential... how about cleaning up the leaves more often. All around a good value, but management sucks to not care about visual impressions... there are inexpensive fixes that can be done, as well as cleaning using your current staff in the same amount of work hours by ensuring they are doing a timely job. Get on it. Your corporate owners should replace management in charge of cleaning the parking lot, maintenance of the structures, and overall landscaping as well as bathroom maintenance. You are the definition of ghetto. Fixes that can be done overnight. Get on the ball.

Erica Walker

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Amazing hidden gem. From the freeway it looks like the average one roller coaster and mini golf course but no... This places has tons of rides, quite a few for kids under 36" and some for those above. The waits we're never horrendous and the operators were super nice. Summer has a water park didn't get to check that out though. Well worth the price for the amount if fun my kids ages 5 and 3 had. I plan on coming back very soon.

viky valdez

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Nice local place to go for the day. The arcade has all sorts of games and a ghost shooting ride, which my marine-vet husband loves because he always gets high scores. My daughter enjoys their kid rides. The rides are dated but in a good way, and they're super cute and nostalgic. Haven't been to the bucanners cove but it looks pretty nice. All-in-all, a great place to go for the day for when you feel like going to an amusement park without the hassle.

Brittany Coulter

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
This was the amusement park of my childhood and it brought back good memories. I brought my youngest siblings and my brother definitely underestimated some of the rides 😄 BUT!! Four of the rides we really wanted to get on were closed so that was a bummer. We had fun though, id love to bring them back when it's cooler.

Hero Cuke

Monday, July 9, 2018
Lost my keys here a while back. When I got home I realized they were missing and I called the park. They hadn't found anything so I called the next morning and they found my keys, held them for pickup, and returned them. The staff that helped me with my keys were incredibly kind and helpful, the ones in charge of the rides were fun and friendly, and the ones in the arcade area and concession stands were quick and easy to talk to. The food was kinda lame and expensive though. One of the men's bathroom stalls had a broken lock. Rides were fun and made me reach notes I never knew I could reach. Also they got this beautiful bird roaming around the park grounds. I enjoyed my time at Castle Park, I definitely recommend it to others.

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