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California's Great America

4701 Great America Parkway

Rides and so much more! Discover why California's Great America is Northern California's best choice for family fun and adventure! There's something for everyone from mild to wild!

If speed and adventure are your calling card, don't miss our THRILL RIDES, including Flight Deck and Vortex. If slower speeds are for you, FAMILY RIDES such as Carousel Columbia or Barney Oldfield Speedway are perfect.  


Daniel R

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
Weekend weather was very forgiving at 90 degrees with some nice breeze making for a very pleasant experience at the park. Food and beverages at the park are overpriced but it's expected from an amusement park. Security isn't too strict and you can get through with your own sealed drinks. Many guests go the extra mile and pack light lunches to save some money. The lines weren't so crowded, our longest wait time was 45 minutes even on the most popular rides. The park itself is very clean and has several areas to rest under the shade. It could use some additional shade areas at Boomerang Bay's main pool where most of the kids and older adults seem to hang out. Get the season pass, you won't regret it. Only complaint is the parking situation, it's a maze and the parks associates do a very poor job directing you too what area you are supposed to park. It's next to Levi's stadium which adds to the parking structure confusion.

Doug Dillard

Thursday, July 12, 2018
I liked it. I truly had a great time. The value is superb if your group also visits the water park which is included in the price. Food was expensive but not outrageous. Staff was mainly younger but very well trained and handled the safety really well in my opinion. Weather was warm but not unbearable. Nice breeze. Cool views of Levi’s stadium. I would recommend!

Tink Hardy

Monday, July 2, 2018
I use to go all the time as a kid. It has many of the same rides, but they are still fun. The water park was a nice edition yet small. Many other rides were not operating or completely shut down but they have a few new attractions. They must make most of their money from good because it's a little pricey. But overall it was nostalgic. Took a picture with Charlie Brown 😂. It's a nice day trip

satyaprakash pareek

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
It's okay. Rail Blazer is must do. There are huge lines for it. But it's worth it. Couple of other roller coaster were also good. But mostly it was not very thrilling. Theater show was really good. Food options were not up to the mark. Ample parking available

GamerUnicornOMG _

Friday, July 20, 2018
So much fun! So many rides to go on and so much food to eat and choose from. The employees are so nice and kind. The stores have so much you can buy. The environment is great. The water slides are so much fun. Everybody is happy there. It’s a great place to take anybody of all ages!

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