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California's Great America

4701 Great America Parkway

Rides and so much more! Discover why California's Great America is Northern California's best choice for family fun and adventure! There's something for everyone from mild to wild!

If speed and adventure are your calling card, don't miss our THRILL RIDES, including Flight Deck and Vortex. If slower speeds are for you, FAMILY RIDES such as Carousel Columbia or Barney Oldfield Speedway are perfect.  


Liberty Rodriguez

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
You can spend all day here and never be bored! Even when there's a ride or five down for maintenance there are still so many coasters and rides to go on that you don't feel the loss. It's a fantastic park with something for everyone. There's also a great selection of food and lots of friendly park staff everywhere you look. Don't second guess it, just go and you'll have a super lovely time!

Javier Pardo

Friday, April 20, 2018
One of the best experiences at an amusement park anyone can have! Free parking with fair prices at the entrance. The rides are very fun and safe with height measures before entering. The games are fair and have good prizes. The food and drinks are delicious and cheap. Great place to bring a group of friends with.

Arielle Kurtze

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
This is a pretty good amusement park. We were there for mothers day and it wasn't too crazy. Water park wasn't open yet but it was warm enough that they did have a water play area the kids enjoyed. Clean from what I could see and plenty of both rollar coasters and thrill rides my older girls like and more tame rides for our little guy. If you bring snacks hide them well, they check bags.

Liz Cox

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
I took Matt here for his Big Birthday Surprise. Omg my son continues to say it was his best birthday yet. Side not, bring sun screen in summer. It gets hot and is very hard to find good ones at the park that are affordable. Also, season tickets are the best way to go if your kids enjoy it as much as mine did. We went all summer and never got bored!

Rick James

Saturday, May 12, 2018
Great America in santa Clara disappointing experience, a bunch of rides not open some closed because it wasn't season for them to be open. we stood in line a couple times and waited, only to be told that the ride needed maintenance. Also a couple of refreshment stations were not working and the ones that where did not have ice.they have a go cart attraction but you have to pay cash to go on them, it's not included in your admission also a couple of the restaurants were not open yet. The only thing going on for this park is that there's not a lot of people and early in the morning you don't have to wait that long in line. On the other hand I am pretty sure there was a lot of people in the park that had a way better time and experience.

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