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Blackjack Ranch Winery

Blackjack Ranch Winery
2205 Alamo Pintado Road

Open: Year Round

In 1873, the California Legislature enacted Penal Code 330 which outlawed the game of "21" throughout the state. Although this statute is still in effect, Native American Indian casinos currently play "21" under authority from the Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. No such luck for the 237 legal card rooms and casinos throughout California owned by non-Native American Indians, so in 1989, I invented, patented, copyrighted, and trademarked "California Blackjack". My game is played to "22" points and a Natural is two aces, rather than ace, ten-card. House banked games are illegal in California so players compete against each other, instead of the casino itself. California Blackjack has been licensed to card clubs and casinos throughout California since 1990 and has generated hundreds of casino jobs, over $4 million annually for municipalities where the game is played, and tens of millions in revenue for the casinos.

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