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Benson Ferry Vineyards

Benson Ferry Vineyards
112 West Pine Street

Benson Ferry Vineyards is a family owned winery produces premium, budget friendly California varietals. Vineyard owners inLodifor three generations, the Stokes family selects fruits from prime estate & NorthCoast vineyards, for their delicious bottlings.

Stokes Family Vineyard represents a family tradition of great wine grapes three generations in the making. Bill Stokes, Sr. planted his first 45 acres of Zinfandel nearLodiin 1954, and established additional vineyards during the next decade. His son Tom increased the family acreage in vines from the 1960 ²s to the 1980s, both by purchasing vineyard properties and developing new vineyards. Tom's two sons, Bill and Mike, took over active management of the family business in 1985. Under their supervision, Stokes Family Vineyard continues to grow, and now encompasses more than 2,000 acres.

Today Stokes Family Vineyard reflects Bill and Mike's talent for growing classic and cutting edge grape varieties, and utilizing advanced cultivation techniques in their Lodi vineyards. As a result of its quality orientation, Stokes Family Vineyard supplies fruit to several of California's best-known wineries. In 2001, the brothers established Benson Ferry Vineyards as a label to showcase premium wines produced both from their Lodi vineyards and from other selectCalifornia vineyards.Visit Benson Ferry's downtown tasting room, Lodi Wine Cellars conveniently located at 112 W Pine St .and enjoy a glass of wine in our secluded courtyard.

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