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Alexander and Wayne

2922 Grand Avenue

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K Danis

Friday, Feb. 16, 2018
Another great tasting room and wonderful wines! There are TWO rooms to this place. Choose 5 on the list for tasting and there is a back room with MORE wines. We have Jamie and Nancy-respectively- for our experiences! Both were great to learn from and truly know the best ways to explain their wines to guests. We had a great time and walked out with only 12 bottles... ha! Will certainly return if I am ever back in the area again.

John Vest

Thursday, June 15, 2017
Visited a few years ago ... didn't have a lot of money so I wasn't able to purchase a lot of bottles on the trip and was waiting to find a bottle that really blew my socks off, found it in the Alexander & Wayne Pinot in this tasting room at about $40 ... bought a bottle (would've liked to have bought more) and when I drank it a few months later it was superb. For me it was a bottle of wine that really made me understand was a truly great wine is all about.

Michelle Ruiz

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015
Superb experience! They were very polite, explaining some details about wine tasting I definitely didn't know. Nice conversation and service!

John Grove

Friday, March 8, 2013
Excellent wine and friendly service. Their sister company Arthur Earl is top notch as well.

Pablo Rosario

Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015
Wines were good, but the service, knowledge and general help of the girl who was there was really the best of the tasting experience

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