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Akin Estates

Akin Estates
1151 Heidelberg Way

Akin Estates is a new wine venture located in Lodi, California, and a result of a fulfilled vision and dream of one of the principals, Winemaker David Akin. David Akin first came to Lodi as a Manager and Winemaker for the then-named Barengo Vineyards in 1978. His experience using Lodi grapes blended into wines produced at several Coastal wineries led him to believe that fine varietal wines, rivaling those produced anywhere in the state, could be made from Lodi grown grapes at Lodi area wineries. Twenty-five years later, over thirty Lodi area bonded wineries, and several other wineries outside the Lodi appellation, are proving his vision was correct.

Our philosophy of winemaking at Akin Estates is simple. We work with the best grape growing families in the Lodi area and hand select the grapes picked in small lots at perfect ripeness and quality. The grapes are made into wine using modern yet traditional methods that enhance and promote the character of each variety. Careful aging in small oak cooperage from US and European forests adds to the complexity of each wine which is put into the bottle only after achieving a perfect balance of fruit, tannin and flavor.

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