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El Dorado Arts Council

772 Pacific Street

Who We Are

The El Dorado Arts Council (EDAC) is a non-profit umbrella organization that seeks to enrich and educate the community through the advancement of all the arts. We support the cultural and economic development of El Dorado County by advocating and creating the highest quality artistic and educational opportunities for visitors and residents - especially the young children of our County.

Through fundraising efforts, EDAC is able to provide resources to the schools so that all the arts - visual, performing, literary, etc - are available and affordable to our educators for use in their daily curriculum, school assemblies or after school programs.

We also promote local artists by providing opportunities that allow them to further their careers - whether that is through EDAC sponsored/hosted events and programs - or through the many opportunities that cross our desk due to the “clearinghouse of information” that is gathered and shared because of our “umbrella organization” status.

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