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Climbing Monkey's Winery

Climbing Monkey's Winery
4950 John Muir Rd

Open: Year Round

We are a family founded and operated winery out of Alhambra Valley California. Founded on the pure notion that we live to love and laugh with our friends and our family. Winemaking was a hobby of our's for many year, but since 2008 we have been striving to share our passion with you. Climbing Monkey's Winery is our venture in sharing our libations with others. We make wines that are to be enjoyed!

Founded in 2008, Climbing Monkey's Winery was officially established and bonded as a working winery in Martinez, Ca. Our First official public release of 120 cases of our 2009 Zinfandel/Cabernet Sauvignon blend will be at the end of 2010. In 2010 began managing local vineyards and aiding the growth and sustainability of the east bay vineyards. Here now in 2012, we are producing close to 500 cases and the wines are better than ever.

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