Saturday, Jul 6, 2019 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm


TruTABOO adds a new twist to adult alternative, classic rock, ballad and even R&B/Soul genres. This rockin’ eclectic trio include Ginger Tivey, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Karen Whitham on Electric guitar and backup vocals, and Stephen Price of Pablo Cruise (aka: #oneluckyguy) on the drums. Self-taught with an undeniable passion to sing and perform since diapers, Ginger has always pushed herself to re-imagine the music that emotionally drives her. Ginger has played with several bands over the years, but her true passion lies behind any performance where her music emotionally "moves" her fans. To her, that is everything. She sings from the heart, and you will be connected to her and her unique voice as she belts out the first note. Powerful, Passionate, and Kind, are just a few words to describe her as, not only a musician, but a human. To create music together with those who share her passion and can, together, “waltz" a crowd into a mesmerizing musical experience is her goal with every song. Karen Whitham began her love affair with guitars when she was just a toddler. Her parents brought two acoustic classical guitars home and started their home lessons; however, it was Karen who ended up playing the guitar. Karen’s true calling took shape when on her 16th birthday Karen’s father surprised her with her very first electric guitar. She went on and became known as one of the best female guitarist in the Bay Area. Karen has been on hiatus since she left the Bay Area in 2011 until she met Ginger Tivey, an amazing singer, songwriter who inspired her to pick up her electric guitar and play for TruTABOO. Karen’s wide range of style has been compared to U2’s The Edge to Jimmy Page, from Pink Floyd David Gilmour to the more earthy, Melissa Etheridge. Her heart and soul belongs to the guitar but she can also play keyboards, bass, violin and the drums. Karen's passion is in writing the melodies and tunes to fit lyrics. She loves the “zen” she gets from working with talented musicians and has the amazing ability to make lyrics come alive with her melodic music writing and her guitar hooks. She calls it “painting”.