The Antaeus Playwrights Lab Festival

Schedule of Events:

2:00pm Jamal

by Jennifer Rowland

Directed by Michael John Garces

When 15-year old Tori goes to work as a summer intern for her godmother’s new African American boyfriend, Jamal, everyone is thrilled… until sexually charged photos turn up in Jamal’s office. Then suspicions turn to accusations

and accusations turn into paranoia. What exactly is Jamal doing in his garage with teenage Tori?


Cherish Duke, Emily Goss, Bruce Lemon, Don McManus, Linda Park, Peter James Smith

8:00pm Tea Party

by Sean Abley

Directed by Laura Stribling

Frank, a married heterosexual crossdresser in his late 30s living in Montana, discovers Miss Olivia’s Finishing School for Girls, a club for fellow recreational crossdressers. Finally able to share his secret with another like-minded

man, Frank’s newfound freedom threatens his marriage and his relationship with his best friend.


John Bobek, Luis Kelly-Duarte, Abigail Marks, Mike McShane