Terry Ray - Electricity

Monday, Jul 15, 2019 at 7:30pm


Star and Playwright, Makes A Hotel Room His Own Stage!

Starring: ​Terry Ray, Mel England
Produced by  Michael Darner
Co-Directed for hotel by Amy Rowell
Directed by Steven Rosenbaum

Terry Ray’s latest work, the critically acclaimed comedy-drama Electricity is headed Off-Broadway. The two-person LGBTQ play, which stars Ray and indie film actor MEL ENGLAND, takes place in a single hotel room. After premiering for an extended 11 week run in Los Angeles, it has played recently in theaters in Columbus and the Minneapolis-St. Paul. In Palm Springs the play is currently enjoying a record breaking 2-year run as an immersive theater event inside a real hotel room. The audience experiences the play as flies on the wall as the story unfolds around them.