Hobb's Grove Haunted Attraction

Thursday, Oct 18, 2018

14265 East Goodfellow Avenue


It’s time! After brooding through eleven moons of victimless nights, The Grove Ghouls give rise to Fun and Fright! New this year is The Portal – an immersive, interactive laser shooting experience brought to you by our friends from the South. The classic fantastic Hayride into Shadow’s Keep, eerie trek through The Forest and trip through the Hobb Home are as frightful as ever. The midway offers Zombie Paintball, peddlers, entertainment, good food, pumpkins and The Curiosity Shop along with the best people watching anywhere.

New! The Portal:

Immersive Laser Shooting Experience
!!Attention Creature Hunters!!

Aliens continue to infiltrate the ominous factory on the outskirts of town. Although the mysterious company, Xanis, has abandoned the destroyed power plant, reports reveal mutated aliens are using explosives in an attempt to reopen the Portal. As a gateway to another time and dimension, life as we know it may be completely destroyed if the Portal is reopened. A special government agency has been initiated to lock-down the Portal. You and your team have been drafted by Special Force Unit 237 to secure the premises.

The Forest:

Once the sun sets, Hobb’s Grove’s ghastly ghouls welcome you into their dark abode. The night calls your name, inviting you inside the hopelessly cursed Haunted Forest, The Hollows, where the shadows come to life through the tangled trail in the deep darkness. You too will feel the excitement as your heart races with anticipation! Isn’t it nice to feel so… alive?!


Hobb’s Grove’s Haunted House features turn after twisted turn through the parlors and corridors of insanity! Those brave enough to enter are greeted by the unruly occupants of The Hobb Family Home. The walls are like sponges, soaking up the laughter, gasps and screams of victims, young and old. It’s a sinister place…so be careful not to take a wrong turn down a cold, dark hallway!


Out in the dark and dreary countryside for yet another ominous reunion with the night. The Hayride is scary and fun…something the younger ones can handle because they are free to bury their face in their parent’s lap when necessary. Cuddle up with your friends, your family and your neighbors on our bed of hay, because there is safety in numbers and you may well need it! Just don’t get too comfortable, because it’s in your best interest to pay attention to what’s lurking in the darkness!

Haunting Begins at dark

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