Halloween Swingthing Attraction

Sunday, Oct 28, 2018 at 11:30am


Thursday Beach Party Bar hop
Meet & Greet cocktail Party Friday
Room to Room Trick or Treating
Champions Scary Strictly Show
Dancing All Night
Thursday Pre Dance with Ben & Victoria and..... more to come


11:30am: John Lindo workshop
12:30pm: Kyle and Sarah workshop
1:30pm: Ben & Cameo workshop
2:45pm: J&J Finals
-Junior Prelims (If needed)
-All Ameriean
4pm: J & J Finals
-Invitational Karaoke J&J
6:30pm: Awards
7:30pm: Sunday Funday with Meech'N Friends and Game Night

General Admission: $149
International and JR Discount: $129